Initial Research sourced from the Leo Burnett Notepad, a database containing the global LB knowledge.

Not entirely sure how useful it will all be. I haven't read through them all. Just pulled them based on tags.
Some of them are short and some are very long, so be prepared if you're making notes.
- Aiden Ridley


Converting Demographics into Dollars Dissecting Demographics

New Super Segments Finding Comfort

Prime Time for Fancy Food How Generations View Convenience

Cooking Enthusiasts What's Cooking?
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Summer Culinary Trends Consumer Targeting - Food&Drink

Misc. Target/Demos

New Family Segments Rise of the Digital Native
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Singles vs. Married Forget Valentine's Day

Marketing to Women Introducing Technographics

Single Female Techs State of Comsumers Tech

Entertainers Canadian vs. American "Youth"

Marketing Below the Median Revisiting Simplicity

Women & the Health-Wellness Millennials, Cultural

Men 18-34 Marketing to Women - What Women Want

Gen Y - The Why Worry Gener. Only the Lonely

Consumer Habits LGBTQ Trends

SheSpeaks With Their Whole Lives Ahead...